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Inspiring Quotations for Overcoming Adversity

inspiring quotations October 20th, 2017

Have you ever been stuck in a rut? How about feeling like you were on the ropes, as it were? Down, but not yet out? We all have experienced that feeling. It’s just part of being human. Ideally, we pull ourselves up by our bootstraps, keep our chin up, keep a stiff upper lip and other illustrative idioms! It can be a bit off-putting to look up motivation, personal growth, and inspiring quotations on the web because it’s a crowded space where gurus, self-help experts, and personal coaches vie for your attention. One way to shut out all the noise when it comes to self-growth, perseverance, and finding the will to keep moving are by quietly researching and reflecting on inspirational quotes. Life-long learning, if you will. Here are some of my favorite inspiring quotations on dealing with failures, setbacks, and problems in life:

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Peace & Tranquility: Our Highest Need?

peace and love October 12th, 2017

Peace is among the highest values of humankind. What does peace mean to different thinkers? Can tranquility be defined and described? Happiness is an important value as well. What this all adds up to is a look at the best kind of life for persons to aspire to. Read on to find out how “the wise” view peace & tranquility by reading what they have said about these magnificent topics in their own words.

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Caring, Empathy, Love, Moral Development (V&E5)

moral development October 10th, 2017

The following is an excerpt from the book Values & Ethics: From Living Room to Boardroom, taken from the name of an Internet-based talk radio show I did in times-past. The topic from chapter five is “Relationships and Social Policy That Foster Moral Development and Caring.” My two impressive partners in dialogue are psychotherapist and author Marianne Preger-Simon, Ed.D. and noted philosopher and professor, Nel Noddings, Ph.D. Concepts we try to elucidate in our engaging conversation include moral development, care, caring, love, maturation, socio-emotional development, nurturance, empathy, morality, character, and responsibility.

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A Life of Integrity and Meaning (V&E-1)

integrity and meaning September 25th, 2017

Let’s talk about the sphere of ethics: in the living room, the bedroom, the boardroom, the marketplace, media, politics, etc. I feel like you can’t be a bad person in some arena – say, work – and then come home and, all of a sudden, you’re an upstanding individual because you are nice with your family. The Nazis did this, after all. Drs. Kathleen Brooks and Gary E. Kessler, both authors, and a psychotherapist and a professor, respectively, were interviewed by me about the way to live a life of integrity and meaning – and why one should do so.

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Values and Virtues in the Form of Quotations

values and virtues September 24th, 2017

You can really benefit from really thinking about the following examples of values and virtues in the form of quotations from many great minds. It is applied philosophy in a very accessible form. VOW has nearly 27,000 quotes, proverbs, poetry, and lyrics relevant to values and virtues such as knowledge, education, peace, liberty, wisdom, ingenuity, lightheartedness, responsibility, and justice – for free. Here are examples and glimpses into what these values and virtues are about.

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Buddhist Wisdom: Meditation, Awareness, Stillness

Buddhist wisdom September 17th, 2017

When it comes to wisdom, the Buddhists occupy a unique position. One thinks of monks and other practitioners of a very devout kind of Buddhism as up there with Indian sages, old men with Fu-Manchu mustaches, Gandalf, and assorted grandparents as being quintessential purveyors of wisdom. Meditation, mindfulness, stillness, open-mindedness, self-discipine, awareness, ethics, and insight are the stock-in-trade of Buddhist monks. The Dalai Lama is always reliable to have a mature, enlightened, very ethical perspective on any question posed to him. This blog is about finding wisdom in Buddhist principles.

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Values: Access Your Potential, Find Success

values September 14th, 2017

There are certain values you hold which can make your life better, more fulfilling, more meaningful, more helpful. Starting right now you can be greater.

Yes, greater is not a superb word. I could have also written “more x” or “more y.” In the spirit of this post, I won’t belabor this point. Whatever it is that is possible, you have within you the potential to be more like that later today than you are right now. That is an incredible kind of potential. If I were a religious man, I would use the word awesome to describe that possibility and the feeling associated with the insight.

In this blog, I want to share some unpleasant things about myself, and then console myself. Hint: my values are the key.

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Humanity’s Dark Side: Obedience to Authority

obedience to authority September 8th, 2017

There is a strain of experiments buoyed by theory that is in the category of social psychology – the branch of the study of human behavior that locates a human being in their social context. That is, people may have some individuality, some trait-like tendencies to think, feel, perceive, and act in a more or less typical way (i.e., based on their personality type). Social psychologists study how human beings function in relation to their environment. This essentially radical environmental approach doesn’t mimic the approach of Pavlov, Watson, and Skinner – dyed-in-the-wool environmentalists – because the attempt is not to change behavior, but to analyze and predict it. Read on for a brief summary, some elucidating quotations, and one of the most shocking experiments ever to come out of a major university.

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Explaining Human Behavior: Genes, Environment, Choice, Luck

explaining human behavior September 2nd, 2017

We have all seen children who are different from one or both of their parents. We know people who are happy and buoyant; others tend to be depressed, shy, or anxious. Some persons go on to do very well in life and in career while others end up as suicides, in jail, or marginal at best. Why human beings do what they do is a fascinating phenomenon that people speculate about all the time. Even something as apparently clear and simple as height is in fact, complex. When it comes to explaining human behavior, we would do well to look to psychology – originally “the study of the soul” to discover explanations that are based in science. The results are interesting indeed. Read on for a summary of what behavior genetics can elucidate about you, me, and all the rest. 

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Quotations About Liberal Education

quotations about liberal education found here August 26th, 2017

Mortimer J. Adler and Robert Maynard Hutchins were twin engines when it came to popularizing, promulgating, and proselytizing about liberal education, liberal arts, and a broadening of the American mind. Rolling over in their graves at present, these two “men of letters” were prominent, accomplished, and erudite individuals who wanted the best for the populace. Seemingly half-Ancient Greek, half Carolingian, half-pre-war American, these blue bloods are now reminiscent of a by-gone era. Happily, they were prolific and outspoken, so we have plenty of  books and quotations about liberal education from these gentlemen (they were as genteel and classical as two can be). They remind me of Mr. Keating, the inimitable professor from the movie Dead Poet’s Society. Perhaps less enthusiastic, but equally passionate about true learning – not just for some profession or to prevail on some standardized test. I present you with a little biographical sketch, a few representative quotes, and links to The Wisdom Archive, where you may search for free and learn more about what quotations about liberal education are in the collection. Put on your thinking cap and get out your pipe!

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