“Loneliness, Part II”

loneliness December 5th, 2017

The second part of a poem entitled “Loneliness”, this piece lays bare my innermost feelings about social connection.

Would that I could have the integrity
To not feel so lonely about my aloneness.
Rather, to accept it, embrace it. 
Because for whatever reason, it
is me

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“Loneliness, Part 1”

Loneliness December 4th, 2017

A poem about a nightmare I once had, after which I awoke and wrote the following stanza:

I just awoke from a late-morning dream, an unsettling episode;
It centered on one aspect of my life and my self: social insecurity.
I had a heavy heart, heartburn, regret, and embarrassment that showed.
I know that I definitely have not reached developmental maturity.

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December 1st, 2017

As this stanza shows, this poem is an attempt to discover the true nature of my existence, my being, my self.

Is there one constant, a part always the same?
Something I would take from one reality to another?
Who shall I thank, or conversely, who to blame?
Do I owe God, chance, society, freewill, or my mother?

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“Great Spirits”

great spirits December 1st, 2017

“Great spirits” are individuals who exemplify magnanimity and other virtues. This poem attempts to capture a bit of that beauty.

Great spirits exemplify numerous virtues
They view the world in vibrant hues
She personifies the loftiest human values
He knows many elusive and profound truths.

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“Will Star Trek Forever Remain Fiction?”

Star Trek November 29th, 2017

A big fan of Gene Roddenberry’s Star Trek, this poem asks if we will ever reach the level of development as a planet that humans do in the 23rd century. Here is a stanza:

How can we engender a bright future as a global society,
When millions of children are hungry, sick, and poor?
We are swimming in greed, intolerance, bigotry, and anxiety;
Star Trek forever remain nothing but lore?

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“The Truly Noble Man”

the truly noble man November 27th, 2017

The truest and best conceptions of masculinity are measured in this poem. Here is an example:

Despite popular conceptions, the ideal measure of a man
Is not gauged by braggadocio and aggressive displays;
Neither by number of toys or lovers he managed to collect,
Though many try in vain to be manly in these ways…

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“Every Coin Has Two Sides”

every coin has two sides November 1st, 2017

The following poem is an exploration of opposites, a dialectical glimpse at the world. Polarities are integrated.

Possible is as present as actual
Emotion is as admirable as erudition
Music is as prestigious as mathematics
Caprice is as comfortable as predictability…

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“What Does the World Say About God?”

what does the world say about God? October 2nd, 2017

This piece expresses my questioning of the existence and nature of God:

What should the reasonable person conclude about God?
If God is omniscient, omnipresent, omnipotent, and benevolent,
Why do his creations – precious children, the tribes of Israel –
Face atrocity wrought by nature unbridled and humans malevolent?

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“Toward More Authentic Knowledge of Myself”

authentic knowledge September 30th, 2017

This poem was written about a lie I once told, about which I am ashamed. This was given to the person in question, and she forgave me. Here is a sample:

Recent strivings to become more whole and aware
Involving sobering truth and the will to be strong
Does account for the reason I have to come to care
If the person who took me on my word knows my wrong.

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September 4th, 2017

This poem depicts my feelings upon learning that a very good friend of mine’s father was molesting my friend’s sister (his daughter) for years.

Through tears I try to write about an atrocity of enormous proportions.
My whole world was changed; my boundaries of reality were torn apart.
With shock and indignant anger my soul must accept the reality as is: 
My best friend’s father is the antithesis of goodness deep in his heart.

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