Success According to Philosopher Tom Morris

success September 13th, 2018

Success is often talked and written about, but what exactly does it mean? Is it just another word for fame? Is it really about dominating the workplace? Driving the coolest car, having the most children? And who is one’s comparison group: peers, oneself, one’s superiors, one’s community? How about money: is the accumulation of it synonymous with success? Being a good person, and leaving the world better than one found it? I recently finished the older but still relevant book True Success, by the philosopher, one-time Notre Dame professor, person of faith, and values guru, Tom V. Morris. I will share some of the quotes from his book in this blog, this being the first: “To the extent that we want to have goals that are right for us and that will help make the contribution we are put in this life to make, we can be said to have as a goal true success.

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Quotes That Clarify the Cardinal Virtues

cardinal virtues September 11th, 2018

Have you heard the phrase the cardinal virtues? This is how Wikipedia describes their early beginning: “Plato identified the four cardinal virtues with the classes of the city described in The Republic, and with the faculties of man. Plato narrates a discussion of the character of a good city where the following is agreed upon. “Clearly, then, it will be wise, brave, temperate [literally: healthy-minded], and just.” (427e; see also 435b) Temperance was common to all classes, but primarily associated with the producing classes, the farmers and craftsmen, and with the animal appetites, to whom no special virtue was assigned; fortitude was assigned to the warrior class and to the spirited element in man; prudence to the rulers and to reason. Justice stands outside the class system and divisions of man, and rules the proper relationship among the three of them.” This blog examines the cardinal virtues from a transcultural and temporally-unlimited perspective.

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Quotes About Fiscal Responsibility and Integrity

fiscal responsibility August 31st, 2018

I am going to attempt to demonstrate in this blog that Republicans have not been, at least in my lifetime, the Party of fiscal responsibility. This has a substantial affect on our finances and our lives. To some degree, Dems in Congress have in times-past been kinda spendy and porky. But it seems inarguable to me that Republicans in Congress and in the White House do not have fiscal integrity (or the peoples’ best interests at heart). In general, Republican politicians talk a good game, but when it comes to fiscal responsibility and integrity, they tend to cut taxes and increase spending. It has resulted in over $21,000,000,000,000 of debt. Red state Trump backers need to know that the GOP is not the party of the working class and that it cannot go on unchecked. 

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What is Wisdom? Accurately Predicting Outcomes

What is wisdom? August 29th, 2018

What is wisdom? This is the first in a series of responses to that very question. In this blog, I try to demonstrate that accurately predicting outcomes is a fundamental aspect of wisdom. I bring in both old quotations about wisdom (“From the errors of others, a wise man corrects his own” ~ Publilius Syrus) and new (“Some of the best lessons we ever learn we learn from our mistakes and failures. The error of the past is the wisdom of the future” ~ Tryon Edwards).

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Quote Database: Learn About Values & Wisdom

August 27th, 2018

ValuesoftheWise.com has had a quote search engine in place since 2004, and it is called The Wisdom Archive. Here is a sampling of some of the quotes about values and wisdom quotes you will find, for free, and ad-free. Often words like “broad”, “deep”, “amazing”, “intriguing” and “easy to search” come up when folks comment on the collection of quotations from famous and not-so-famous individuals. Here is a glimpse: 

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Modern Liberalism & Progressive Principles

progressive principles August 11th, 2018

I have been watching and rooting for liberalism and progressivism for decades now. One person who has been doing it for a lot longer, who is educated a lot further, and who boasts a significantly better employment history is the historian, journalist, author, professor, and Nation columnist, Eric Alterman. One could hardly do better if one wanted to get the gist of liberalism, progressive economics/politics, progressive principles, and a fair characterization of “liberals” than to read Alterman. In this blog, I share some of the wisdom that packs his readable book Why We’re Liberals. Here is an example of the truthful and justified case he makes for by liberalism and progressive principles are legitimate and laudable:

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Wisdom Quotes by Author Stephen S. Hall

wisdom August 6th, 2018

This blog is third in a series of three blogs which feature wisdom quotes and words of wisdom from the very capable author of Wisdom: From Philosophy to Neuroscience, Stephen S. Hall. He is a science writer for magazines like TNew York Magazine and Scientific American. In this dense yet fascinating book, Hall gives the reader a look into the origin, nature, and scientific findings about wisdom. It is an integrative and enlightening book. I researched it thoroughly, and pulled out many of the best and most succinct wisdom quotes it has to offer. As a proponent of the research ideal, philosophical thinker, and voracious reader, I found the book quite entertaining.

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Five Potentially Life-Changing Quotes

life-changing quotes July 30th, 2018

There are hundreds and hundreds of potentially life-changing quotes out there, and this blog is an attempt to bring just five to the fore for your consideration. Sit back, relax, slow it down, and let these enter your mind, and your heart. They are, as I believe, potentially life-changing quotes because they have the potential to provide a breath of fresh air in our busy, crowded, frustrating, isolating, difficult, money-centered society. These thoughts by some great thinkers from the past and present have the potential to wake us up, elicit great insight and enthusiasm, and help us integrate the often-separated and truncated parts of ourselves. 

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Master of Maxims: Michel de Montaigne Quotes

Montaigne quotes July 26th, 2018

Some Montaigne quotes, such as the following, are abstruse and unwieldy: “Difficulty is a coin which the learned conjure with so as not to reveal the vanity of their studies and which human stupidity is keen to accept in payment.” Other Montaigne quotes are as accessible, substantive, and as beautiful as a ripe peach: “It is only a fool who never suspects he could be foolishly mistaken.” His study of “the ancients” as well as his own works place quotations in their proper place: upon high.  This blog is a compilation of some of the pithiest and profoundest Montaigne quotes humanity is in possession of. Thank God. Or Apollo. Or our lucky stars.

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Words of Wisdom from Confucius Through Today

words of wisdom July 25th, 2018

Stephen S. Hall wrote a wonderful tour of the halls of wisdom in his book Wisdom: From Philosophy to Neuroscience. As a fan of both philosophy and neuroscience, I found it quite readable. In it are hundreds of wonderful words of wisdom, hallmark ideas from Confucius on down to today, and interesting findings from psychologists who study the brain using the latest techniques such as PET scans. Blending ancient and old philosophy with modern science is a great angle, and in doing so we find pithy thoughts such as this one by venerated philosopher Immanuel Kant: “The narrow gate to wisdom lies in science.” As well, we can see from this insightful quote by Hall that modern psychological research is contributing to the age-old search for wisdom begun in earnest by Socrates and pursued to this day in philosophical circles:

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