Character Matters In Our Leaders and In Ourselves

character November 9th, 2018

I miss Ronald Reagan. That is not something that I say often. But as of this writing, the 2018 midterm elections just occurred, the Russia probe of Trump is about to drop, and the majority of Republicans remaining in Congress are extremists. There was a kind of class about that old coot Reagan, and it’s sorely missing now in the Commander in Chief. Character is all-important in everyone, but especially in the American President, a position that has increased in importance beyond the Founders’ intentions, and one that is of great power and influence.

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Magnanimity & Altruism: Saving 50 Jews from Death

magnanimity October 4th, 2018

Eleanor and Gilbert Kraus are very likely two of the greatest unsung heroes in American history – at least, in Jewish history. I watched a documentary about their courageous acts (in 1939), which amounted to nothing less than a full-throated display of magnanimity and altruism. Here is their story. I will also include a selection of quotations about magnanimity by noted Holocaust survivors, human rights activists, altruism researchers, and stalwart exemplars of virtue and honor such as Elie Wiesel, Nelson Mandela, Anne Frank, Martin Luther King, Jr., and Viktor Frankl. 

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The Values of a Good Law Enforcement Officer

values of a good law enforcement officer August 15th, 2018

Originally published as “Where Do Your Values Lie?” in the book Living a Life of Value (2006), I thought a slight adaptation of the title would be wise. I think about the values of a good law enforcement officer quite a bit, writing in the areas of social justice, social criticism, and ethics. In this essay written by my friend, he reflects on a moral dilemma in the workplace. In so doing, he learns more about his values. I know he aspires to be a person of integrity on the job, and that is laudable since so many lives are affected by the many coworkers he trains and supervises. 

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Author John Abrams on His Employee-Owned Company

company July 31st, 2018

This essay is fully titled: “Thinking Like Cathedral Builders: Outrageous Behavior, Freedom, and Hope” and is authored by John Abrams. It is one of the chapters in the book LIVING A LIFE OF VALUE. In this piece, Abrams, president and CEO of South Mountain Company, Inc. , a forty-year-old employee-owned design and building company located on the island of Martha’s Vineyard, Massachusetts and the author of THE COMPANY WE KEEP: Reinventing Small Business for Community, People, and Place (Chelsea Green Publishing, 2005) writes wonderfully.

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What Does “Moral Values” Mean?

moral values July 5th, 2018

Values is a neutral term; one could value relaxation, competition, humor, sexual conquest, helping others, or swindling them successfully (subterfuge and personal gain). It means what it sounds like it means – a value is something which a person holds in high regard, pursues, and even loves. Values tend to include hallmark ones such as truth, justice, humility, goodness, and kindness. In this blog, I explore the idea of moral values, asking what the term means, which values probably qualify as moral values, and how one implements them in one’s life.

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Twenty Quotations Which Illustrate Values

quotations which illustrate values June 27th, 2018

What is meant by the phrase values of the wise?  I admit, it isn’t as intuitive as a phrase such as the values held by wise people or even that which those who are wise find valuable. But that is what it is meant to convey. When I see a person who is careful, open, clever, developed, self-controlled, passionate, lighthearted, loving, and perceptive, I think: wise. Wisdom. This blog features twenty unique and incisive quotations which illustrate values. Not just any values: values of the wise.

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Moral Decision-Making: What Are You Prepared to Do?

moral decision-making December 28th, 2017

In this blog, I would like to share a story that I think illustrates moral decision-making, self-confidence, willingness to risk, justice, sacrifice, and honor. When I was about 20, I faced a moral dilemma that was difficult, and not without costs. It stands today stands as one of the things I’m proud of about myself, though. In fact, anytime one prioritizes the principle of right, the choice to act morally, and the willingness to risk on behalf of the right and the good, one is really living well. It’s the stuff parables from Jesus or difficult dialogue with Socrates are about. It makes us the best we can be if we ask ourselves what are we prepared to do? and answer with courage and determination.

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Virtue Ethics: Doing the Right Thing

virtue ethics September 17th, 2017

Virtue ethics is one of the top four or five ethical theories. Ethical theories are ways of organizing information in regard to right and wrong. Typically in science, theories can be shown in just one or two experiments or studies to be “false.” However, when it comes to ethics, it’s a bit more nuanced. The other major theories go by names such as utilitarianism, deontology (duty-based ethics), and religious ethics. Other contenders for the Top 10 include ethical subjectivism, religious ethics, casuistry, and authority-based ethics. Virtue ethics is one of my favorites for sure, and I will share some thoughts and perspectives about it in this blog. In the end, hopefully, the readers gain some appreciation for it, see how it is different from competing ethical theories, and recognize how to “use it” in real life (making ethical decisions, facing moral dilemmas, etc).  

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Responsibility Quotes: Stand Up Tall!

responsibility quotes May 28th, 2017

Responsibility is one of the values that wise persons respect and try to embody. It feels kind of like a duty, a point of honor, a “grown-up” thing to do to exercise responsibility as we walk through life. It’s not always easy to “keep your axe to the wheel” and take care of business. Responsibility quotes can be helpful though, because they can provide insight and inspiration for doing the right thing, getting things done, and behaving in a manner that your mom would be proud of! Here are a few thoughts on the subject, followed by an array of responsibility quotes and proverbs by a diverse grouping of individuals from various times and cultures. 

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Living with Honor

April 8th, 2017

Scott Farrell, founder of Chivalry Today, will join Jason to discuss living with honor, as well as values and ethics. He has thought about this subject quite a bit, and writes and gives workshops. Topics include: how do you play sports with integrity? How can you deal with people who are more like thieves than

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